Bolmen Sticky Tack Adhesive Decontamination Mats 48cm x 110cm - Pack of 4 Mats x 30 Sheets

Bolmen Sticky Tack Peelable Decontamination Mat 48cm x 110cm - Pack of 4 Mats x 30 Sheets per Mat. High quality floor sticky step or tack mats, 4 packs included in this price, each pack with 30 peelable sheets for keeping a clean and highly effective adhesive mat continuously available all the time. Each peel-off sheet has a special adhesive treatment that helps remove dust, dirt and bacteria from shoes, wheels and such like on contact. Ideal for dust control and helping to maintaining the highest cleaning room and laboratory standards in your workplace, right at the entrance. The bottom layer adheres to any clean, dry floor, and removable sheets are easily deposed of, taking removed dirt with them in a hygienic and efficient manner.

Bolmen Sticky Tack Peelable Adhesive Decontamination Mat 48cm x 110cm - Pack of 4 Mats x 30 Sheets per Mat.

High quality floor sticky step or tacky mats, this pack price includes 4 mats, each with 30 peelable sheets for keeping a clean and highly effective adhesive mat continuously available all the time. Sturdy, robust backing layer and each of the 30 sheets is numbered - overall height of each mat is 2mm.

Each removable/peel-off sheet has is specially designed to help remove dust and dirt from shoes, wheels, etc upon contact with the mat.

Ideal for helping to maintain high levels of sanitary standards in critical and technical environments such as cleaning rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities, pharmacies, factories, manufacturing, food-processing, outside paint booths, gymnasiums and leisure centres, showrooms and sales areas, and construction and building sites if dust control is vital, particularly as temporary protection for the final stages of interior fit-out, installation or preparation for client handover and inspection.

Sticky entrance decontamination mats or sticky tack floor mats as they are sometimes called, are excellent for dust removal and greatly help prevent the transfer by footwear or wheeled traffic, of even the smallest bit of dust entering a sensitive or sterile area in your workplace, or where hygiene is of paramount important.

These adhesive decontamination mats are very easy to install, and the bottom layer adheres to any clean, dry floor, to help prevent the mat moving from the desired location, which could be at key points in your workplace for dust control, including entrances, entry points and so on.

The removable sheets are easily deposed of, taking with them the contaminated particles and dirt that have been removed, in a clean, hygienic and efficient manner.

What are the benefits of these quality and effective entrance mats from Bolmen? Quality and effective entrance mats are excellent for helping remove dirt and debris, capturing a very high percentage of the soiling that would other pass by! Not only does this clearly help achieve the floor dust control objectives for sanitary, sterile and hygiene sensitive areas,but dirt control also helps protect your floorings and and make them last longer, it also reduces the ongoing cleaning/maintenance time and expenses - most importantly on a health and safety point - it dramatically reduces the instance of accidents from slips, trips and falls, helping to provide safe surface to walk on, even if there's a dusty/dirty environment outside, or the weather is giving rain, snow, etc. Helping to keep the dirt and damp out of the facility helps promote a clean, tidy, positive and professional image and environment in your premises.

Bolmen UK are a specialist supplier of mats and matting, based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, serving standard as well as specialist and custom requirements locally in Aberdeen, as well as mainland UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and covering London, Birmingham/Midlands/Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool/Merseyside, Glasgow, Edinburgh/Lothian, Leeds/Bradford, Southampton/Portsmouth, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol and so on. We supply a wide range of markets, covering industry, commercial, etc such as manufacturing/factories, fulfilment/warehousing, retai/shops, schools/universities, food/fish processing, healthcare/hospitals, marine/ships, oil/gas/renewables, catering/kitchen, welding/machine-shop, emergency services, dentists/doctors, gym/pool/leisure centres, trade outlets/receptions, offices/workplaces and so on. Please ask if you can't see what you are looking for, as we look after many specific requirements such as anti-fatigue, anti-slip, anti-static, absorbent, rubber or vinyl, anti-microbial, entrance/door matting, floor mats, workplace mats, custom sizes, safety matting, warehouse/packing area mats, foot-sanitation/disinfecting, spark-resistant and so on.

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