Bolmen Premium Standing Desk Mat 60x90cm

Bolmen Standing Desk Mat 60x90cm
Bolmen Premium Standing Desk Mat 60x90cm - luxurious, ergonomic comfort while you stand to work at your desk! These mats are excellent for helping relieve back and leg pain associated with standing to work on hard floors, and help improve your working performance by reducing fatigue on your body. Many offices now provide standing desks, and of course those working from home - the Bolmen Premium Standing Desk mat is the perfect addition to complement this healthy practice of spending some of the day standing to work, instead of spending the majority of your day sitting down to work. Some of our customers have given us excellent feedback, and some are even saying they are such comfortable mats, that they are enjoying them without even shoes on, getting the full benefit of the lovely ergnomic experience on the feet, ankles, legs and lower back muscles.

What are the benefits from using high quality Bolmen anti-fatigue matting? For a relatively low cost, the benefit to employer and employee are numerous! Worker comfort is the most obvious, along with higher productivity and worker output, improved worker morale, enhanced workplace culture and environment, and all this greatly helps reduce employee absenteeism, a disruptive and often expensive business cost. Anti-fatigue matting greatly promotes a better posture while standing to work and therefore can hugely help reduce back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, joint and muscle stiffness. Having a anti-fatigue mat for workers to stand on helps improve blood circulation to the legs and significantly helps with foot related problems, where workers were previously standing on cold, hard floors for long periods of time.

Bolmen UK are a specialist supplier of mats and matting, based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, serving standard as well as specialist and custom requirements locally in Aberdeen, as well as mainland UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and covering London, Birmingham/Midlands/Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool/Merseyside, Glasgow, Edinburgh/Lothian, Leeds/Bradford, Southampton/Portsmouth, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol and so on. We supply a wide range of markets, covering industry, commercial, etc such as manufacturing/factories, fulfilment/warehousing, retail/shops, schools/universities, food/fish processing, healthcare/hospitals, marine/ships, oil/gas/renewables, catering/kitchen, welding/machine-shop, emergency services, dentists/doctors, gym/pool/leisure centres, trade outlets/receptions, offices/workplaces and so on. Please ask if you can't see what you are looking for, as we look after many specific requirements such as anti-fatigue, anti-slip, anti-static, absorbent, rubber or vinyl, anti-microbial, entrance/door matting, floor mats, workplace mats, custom sizes, safety matting, warehouse/packing area mats, foot-sanitation/disinfecting, spark-resistant and so on.

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